bamboo Laptop Desk wholesale

bamboo laptop desks

high quality bamboo laptop desk from Yi Bamboo,  you’ll find an ideal style for a variety of occasions.

Our laptop desks are available in a variety of  functional, such as portable, foldable, height adjustable, and it is perfectly used for bedside, couch, floor stand, it is a helpful table for study and work.

The material is our BAMBOO – the best environment friendly material.

Our Bamboo laptop desk is the most helpful furniture unit for your laptop. To Prevent your system from the hot air that arose due to constantly working over the time.

Whether you want a soft, cushioned lap desk for kids or a laptop desks for bed that can adjust to your preference

laptop desk is amply sized to provide space for your coffee mug, work notes and more.

We manufactuer for lots of sellers on Amazon with logo laser engraved on the bamboo laptop desks.

If you are buying in large quantities, you can customize the look and size of your unique design. (MOQ:1,000 units)

Yi Bamboo Team will have professional staff to help you design and produce the wooden laptop desk you need.We are professional manufacturers and wholesalers.

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bubble bag packaging (for bamboo laptop desks)

Sub-assembly of laptop desk

bamboo legs of laptop desk

laptop delaptop desk laser engravingsk laser engraving

laptop desk laser engraving

Individual Innerbox packaging for bamboo laptop desks.

Individual Innerbox packaging for bamboo laptop desk.

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