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12 years focus on bamboo products manufacturing, we produced and sold directly.


YI BAMBOO is a China professional bamboo products manufacturer factory. Bamboo kitchenware, bamboo tea chest, wooden boxes, bamboo furniture are our main products. Focus in Asia, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, North America market for more than 12 years. Our bamboo furniture products have CE certification for the European market and SEDEX social audited certificate for production. Listen to your request carefully, make the order according to your request, service as important as the products. Welcome to Yi Bamboo factory!

Bamboo Material: The most eco-friendly

Bamboo can be harvested without the need to replant because the root system is left intact when it is harvested. The rhizome root structure has the ability to hold the soil in place preventing erosion.

Bamboo Wooden Box

One of the main benefits of bamboo wood boxes is that they are easy to maintain and does not easily chip.

Bamboo Kitchenware

Kitchenware made of bamboo can last very long and are much more durable than wood and plastic utensils. In addition, Bamboo Kitchenware are 100 percent biodegradable!

Bathroom accessories

Bamboo surfaces are strong and durable. They can provide long-lasting services by bearing daily use of bathroom.

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Located in a famous Bamboo town Nanping of Fujian Province (southeast of China). We are professional in developing, manufacturing and selling bamboo products over 10 years. All the products are scientifically designed, with best appearance, exquisite workmanship and advanced functions. Our bamboo raw material are stricted selected from the bamboo forest, to control the quality from the begining. we successfully create a batch of good-quality and competitively priced bamboo products.

We are working with the planet’s most eco-friendly, rapidly renewable resource, Yi Bamboo’s fine bamboo products have enduring beauty, style and quality.