What kind of Bamboo Tea Packaging Gift Boxes do you need?

30,000pcs production capacity per month  — Your Stable Bamboo Box supplier

Bamboo Tea Bag Display Box

Bamboo Pu Er Tea Cake Trays

Bamboo Tea Serving Trays

Bamboo Tea Serving Trays

What Creative Bamboo Products You can Find Here?

As a leading Bamboo Products Wholesale located in china. You can find 400+ Bamboo crafts here.

Bamboo Wood Packing Boxes
Video instruction of various wooden boxes we made

Who we serve?

Yi Bamboo is a professional China bamboo products Manufacturer & Exporter. We’ve been in bamboo crafts industry since 2011.

Perfect solutions are provided two classes of customers.

You are

Tea Brand Company

Find stable & cost affordable High-end Bamboo Tea Products as your packaging supplier. Accelerate your Annual Turnover and Brand Greatness.

You are

Tea Products Distributor

Lower costs & Stable Supply Chain is the foundation of sales advantages in distributors’ local market. And that is also Yi Bamboo’s mission.

Know More about Yi Bamboo

Why Choose Yi Bamboo?

We have good acknowledgement about Bamboo. We also have 7 years experience in exporting.

7 years+ Experience

7 years+ experienced Quality control managements.
Bamboo Product defect rate along production is less than 1%

Stable Supply Chain

Teamwork is Yi Bamboo’s core competitiveness
Bamboo Production Vendor’s stability determains our business

Timely Delivery

Simple Sample send out in 3 days, complicated one in 7 days
20,000pcs order delivered in 45 days

30,000pcs Production Capacity

Production capacity is important to evaluate a bamboo products manufacturer
77 workers & 12500 m² factory dimension are at your services

Want Better Growth Than your Rivals?

Be different. Do what your competitors don’t do or find hard to do!

Yi Bamboo – Bamboo Boxes Wholesale – manufacturer in China is supporting you.

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