Shipping to Amazon FBA

Since more and more people become Amazon seller in 2o2o, we have started help our customer with the shipping our bamboo and wooden products to Amazon FBA warehouse service. We have enough experience in shipping to Amazon warehouses, so that you can be more worry-free and trouble-free at the source of goods. Packaging: each product [...]

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How to order a custom wooden compartment box?

Nowadays more and more regulations require the packaging material should be eco-freindly, sustainable. many companies start using green material to replace the plastics. Wooden box is a good choice since it is classic material for packaging. however more and more south-east countries are controlling the wooden forests to protect the environment. Is there any material [...]

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What is the best material for packing boxes?

Introduction Storage boxes are necessary if you are removing, storing, and packing items to send to a customer. You can find a variety of boxes and pack kits on the web. These boxes help you pack you goods and send them to your customer efficiently and securely. Some of these boxes are delivered for free [...]

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What kind of bamboo plywood more strong?

What kind of bamboo plywood more strong? By answering this specific question, I would ask another question to you: Why there is a bamboo board exist? Since bamboo is a grass according to Botany. It is not a wood, but how to make the bamboo into a plywood board? To answer this question, please check [...]

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Where is the city of bamboo?

One of the most frequented questions I have been asked is this: "Where is the main producing area for bamboo in China?" When I searched the keywords “The hometown of Bamboo” in Chinese on search engine Baidu(The world's largest Chinese search engine), It shows that they are nearly 30 cities claimed that it is the [...]

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Why choose wooden box for wine storage?

The selection options of the wine boxes is combined with a variety of materials, such as solid wood, PVC wood, paper, leather and mixed materials, and the wooden material has an extra benefit for storaging the wine. There are few different between Red wine and other types of wine. Red wine will be continued  to be fermented after [...]

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Is bamboo a green material?

Bamboo industry used bamboo, the vast majority of bamboo. Phyllostachys pubescens can be harvested for four years, and even the fastest-growing wood has a growth period of 15 to 20 years. Therefore, the sustainability of bamboo advantage is very prominent. Mature bamboo forest, with its own ability to adjust the number of plants balance, moderate [...]

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