The selection options of the wood wine storage boxes is combined with a variety of materials, such as solid wood, PVC wood, paper, leather and mixed materials, and the wooden material has an extra benefit for storing the wine.

There are few different between Red wine and other types of wine. Red wine will be continued to be fermented after bottling, so the cap is generally used with breathable cork, so you can keep the air go through inside and outside of the bottle in circulation, so that red wine in storage Of the time can continue to ferment;

There is a certain ambient temperature requirements for Red wine storage. It is about 11 degrees constant temperature state of the wine storage is the best, red wine flavor will become thicker. 5-20 degrees of storage temperature are acceptable range, if the temperature changes too much, will make the cork deformation and spill wine, damage the wine.

Wood wine storage box has a certain function of insulation and moisture-proof, conducive to the storage and fermentation of red wine, and wooden wine box can not only save the aroma of red wine will emit a more rich wine;

Wooden wine box frame reinforcement, bearing capacity, wear resistance, anti-distortion ability, and carrying capacity, making the safety of red wine storage is also assured.